Shanghai Changjin Metal Product Co.,Ltd.

Shanghai Changjin Metal Products Company Limited, one of the subsidiaries of AMHG, markets products such as tubes, plates, bars and coils of stainless steel, aluminium alloy, alloy steel and copper.

Asia Metal Holdings Group Limited (hereinafter referred to as AMHG), headquartered in Hong Kong, was founded in 1981 by the Hong Kong Lam Consortium and is a leading integrated operator of modern metal materials in China.

AMHG's four main business areas:

1. Import and Export. Minerals.

2. precision crafting of metal materials.

3. domestic and international trade.

4.Supply chain derivative services for metal materials (e.g. purchase on behalf of others, sales on behalf of others, supply chain finance, etc.)


AMHG's business model:

1. On-demand, proximity sourcing: Maintaining long-term strategic partnerships with steel mills, all-round channel sourcing, providing material selection consultation, new product introduction, agency sourcing and sales.

2. CNC, on-demand marketing and distribution in close proximity: CNC, inventory and logistics are provided through over 200 supporting companies. Adding value after processing.

3. Integrating customer needs: providing VIP financial services and establishing a tripartite partnership between AMHG, banks and customers.

AMHG has successfully established a modern service system of metal material processing, warehousing, distribution, retail and wholesale in major distribution centres such as Shanghai, Guangzhou, Tianjin, Hangzhou, Qingdao, Ningbo, Wuxi and Foshan, with standard workshops covering more than 300,000 people sqm and over 100 modern production lines. AMHG processing centres can provide shearing and processing services for end customers, as well as steel mills, logistics companies AMHG can also provide warehousing and distribution services for steel mills, logistics companies and trading companies.

AMHG focuses on the supply chain of metal materials and leads the way in the metal materials industry through continuous model innovation and organisational change.

Based on our deep understanding of the supply system and our professional team.

We strive to integrate and optimise all the resources we have to provide our customers with complete solutions, not just high quality products at reasonable prices, one-stop service excellence is our goal.